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Flowback Friday: Who’s Gonna Take the Weight

Some Gang Starr for ya:

Flowback Friday: Ladies First

In light of the Harriett Tubman parody video, I thought it would be apropo to hear from Queen Latifah and Monie Love:

Twitter, Power, Respect

Yesterday, Russell Simmons tweeted a parody video of Harriett Tubman having sex with a slave master, saying it was one of the funniest things he’s seen. The video was a launch for one of Simmons’ new media ventures. Shortly after midnight this morning the video was taken down. What caused the video to come down less than 24 hours after it was posted?


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One Woman?

Last night the Democratic mayoral candidates participated in another debate. There has been no shortage of debates, forums, etc. during this election cycle. I’ve watched some on TV and gone to some others in person. As I watched last night, I had to ask myself, is there really only ONE woman running for Mayor of New York City?

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Remembering Bill Lynch (1941 – 2013)

On Friday, Harlem lost a lion. Bill Lynch was an incredible figure not just in Harlem, but around the world. How many people can say they were instrumental in electing the first black mayor of New York City – David Dinkins – and the first black president of South Africa – Nelson Mandela? And yet, despite his success, Bill Lynch was known as a person who was in touch with the community and who was accessible to help those around him. He will be greatly missed.

Read his obituary in the New York Times.

Flowback Friday: Funkin’ Lesson

You know it was only a matter of time before I got some X-Clan:

Whatever happened to this kind of hip-hop? Other than Dead Prez, is there is even a semi-mainstream hip-hop group stoking the social consciousness of the black community?

Rocking the Mic on 129th

There’s nothing like watching a young person nervously step up to a microphone, close their eyes, and blow the audience away. But that’s how it goes down at the I AM PEACE Cipher & Open Mic, part of the Occupy the Corners campaign.

India amazes the audience at the I AM PEACE Cipher & Open Mic

India amazes the audience at the I AM PEACE Cipher & Open Mic

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Flowback Friday: Mr. Nigga

Mos Def and Q-Tip. From a hoodie to a suit there isn’t much difference.

The Other Side of Suicide

When we think of a suicide attempt, often two options come to mind: the person succeeds and dies, or fails and lives. For someone who is experiencing a mental illness such as as depression this is a strange paradox: death is success, living is failure. This paradox occupies the mind of so many people who see suicide as a way out of the pain they are feeling. For family and friends, the paradox may not become apparent until after the attempt is made. For many people dealing with mental illness, the paradox seems ever-present. Living itself can feel like such a chore, such an exercise in futility that every waking moment is nothing more than wasted consumption of air that could have been better used by others. For years I fought with this paradox in my own mind.

Death is success. Living is failure.

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More Than an Example

I have heard people say that kids need examples to follow, someone to emulate. This is undeniably true – kids definitely need examples. ┬áNo person ever came out of the womb knowing exactly what to do at all times without seeing how something is done. Even Jesus said that he could do nothing without his Father.

Yet I would argue that an example is not enough. Kids need even more than that. They need guidance. Instruction. Hands-on care.

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