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Look Both Ways

June 28, 2012

After a strong start, I feel like I’ve fallen off-track with my fitness plan. I haven’t been to the gym regularly, I’m not adhering to a strict food schedule, and it seems like I might never reach my goals.

That’s one way of looking at things.

I once saw an ad that said to not look at how far you have to go, but instead look at how far you’ve come. That definitely brings a differently perspective.

In the past twenty-two days I have not had a single cookie. Not one. This is a big accomplishment for someone who earned the nickname Cookie Monster. I used to eat cookies with little discipline or control. Cookies served as a comfort mechanism whenever I was feeling stressed or down. My goal is to go 30 days without a cookie. At first it was tough but I was focused on my fitness goal. Now I don’t even crave cookies like I used to, praise be to God.

And it’s not just cookies. I haven’t had any cakes, muffins, or pies either. No baked goods. No candy. No sweets. None. I’ve greatly reduced my sugar intake, just several months after I made repeated trips to the store for king-sized Kit Kat bars and chocolate chip cookies. Now I find myself snacking on rice cakes, multigrain tortilla chips with salsa and/or guacamole, fruit, and carrots. I can’t remember the last time I had a slice of pizza (and I loooove pizza). I’ve played more basketball in the past month than in the previous 12 months. I’ve started taking Zumba and yoga, two activities that were brand new to me. I’ve learned how to read ingredients better, and how to make healthier choices. I’ve even started helping one of my very best friends to achieve his fitness goals too.

So I might not have eight-pack abs by August. That’s okay. I’m not giving up. I’m determined. I’m focused on my goal. I’m looking ahead to where I want to go. But what’s helping keep me on track – by the grace of God – is looking to where I’ve come from.


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  1. This is a really great outlet. Though i’ve always been shy about putting my thoughts out there in the public. But why not? What I have to say matter. I have heart! I am going to steal this idea from you. Thanks Talib!

  2. Talib this Blog ‘ Look both ways ‘ is a similar testimony to me. I have grappled with my sweet in take since I was a child . I have now come to be a better steward of my body because I only have one and the consequences of not treating ME right can result in many health issues . I believe now more than ever moderation is the best way to go about my sweet cravings . I do enjoy excerise and I no longer look at it as if it’s a chore but a apart of my daily life . It is my mantra . I know I can be very quick to look at the finish line ready to be done even before I run the race , and the stride is what brings endurance , strength and courage . Patience will all thungs . Because god is making things happen and in that patience it allowsoust faith to be restored in its vibrancy.I too am looking at both ways and looking at how far I’ve come . Thank you for sharing this post and reading my mind . We keep pushing ! Peace in blessings

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