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POLITICO Arena Question: Should Sarah Palin go primetime at the GOP convention?

July 25, 2012

Of course. This is a no-brainer for the GOP. Both Democrats and Republicans want people tuning in to the conventions, and Sarah Palin is still one of the few GOP personalities that can generate some serious buzz while being a somewhat-credible potential candidate (does anyone really think Donald Trump or Ron Paul are going to gain electoral power?). For better or worse people will watch just to see her. If the GOP is expecting Mitt Romney’s speech to generate wide public interest, then they really need to rethink their strategy.

Granted, the former governor of Alaska is not the star she was four years ago, but any fears of her making the GOP look foolish are, well, foolish. When you have a recent presidential candidate – Michelle Bachmann – accusing government officials of potential ties to terrorism without any solid evidence, Sarah Palin is the least of your worries. Also let’s not forget that despite her faults, Sarah Palin knows how to deliver a speech and energize a crowd (sound like someone else we know and love?).

Give Sarah Palin a primetime spot. People will watch and I’m sure she’ll be great for the party.


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