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Begging for Change

August 2, 2012

Have you ever had a friend whom you support and want to do well, but they look like they’re slippin’? Have you ever known someone who was full of great potential but for some reason they just weren’t meeting it? Have you ever felt that someone you liked was a train wreck in slow motion and there was nothing you could do to stop it?

That’s how I feel about President Obama and his re-election campaign.

In 2008 candidate Barack Obama offered hope, inspiration, and change. At the end of his stump speeches he would say to an adoring crowd, “let’s go change the world!”

But in 2012? None of that. No vision. No inspiration. Sadly, that may equal no “hope” in November.

I don’t get it. I support President Obama. He hasn’t been perfect these past four years but I think he’s a done a good job overall. However it seems that his campaign doesn’t seem to agree. It seems like the Obama campaign is running away from his record as president faster than Mitt Romney is running away from his record as governor of Massachusetts.

It seems like all of the emails I’ve been getting from the Obama campaign are about how much money Mitt Romney is raising and how scary that is. Not about the stimulus that may have stemmed a worldwide depression. Not about the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that ended unfair compensation for women. Not the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell which stopped the ejection of service members who happened to be gay. Not about the Affordable Care Act that stopped insurance companies from denying necessary medical coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

In fact, my Facebook timeline was inundated with people cheering about how women can get important medical services with no co-pay starting today thanks to Obamacare. Did I get an email about that? No.

I’m tired of hearing about how much money Romney is going to raise. That doesn’t make me want to come out of my pocket and forgo something else in order to make a campaign donation. It doesn’t inspire me to get involved. It just looks weak.

If there is any way these words get to someone in the upper reaches of the Obama campaign, please hear me: stop bombarding your supporters with fear messages about Romney’s money machine. Tell us what another four years means…

…for undocumented youth fighting for the American dream
…for blacks who have consistently borne the brunt of economic downturns
…for people who don’t get necessary medical care because they can’t afford it
…for a widening lower-class that sees the rungs of the economic ladder moving farther and farther apart
…for a world that desires competent American leadership.

Stop begging us for change, and lead us into a future worth fighting for.


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