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Job Creators vs. Labor Providers

August 10, 2012

I’m really tired of hearing the myth that higher taxes on the super-wealthy is somehow harmful to “job creators.” The term “job creators” is annoying itself. It implies that there is a certain fixed class of people that literally create jobs, and that these jobs are being created as some sort of public service. It reeks of paternalistic narcissism.

In reality, firms hire because they need labor to achieve their economic goals, not as a public service. So-called job creators need workers because they can’t do everything themselves. If there are job creators, there must be labor providers. These labor providers are just as important as the job creators.

Here’s the real secret: these are not fixed classes. Rich corporate executives are labor providers, just like the janitor. They may get paid more, but they’re both employees. That janitor may use whatever means s/he has to hire a babysitter, or hire a contractor to do some home improvement. In this case, who is the real job creator?

Don’t be fooled by this tricky notion of “job creators.” It’s just more trickle-down economics that will leave you dry.


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