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Talk to God

November 3, 2012

We all want someone to talk to sometimes. For some of us, we have a best friend or a trusted family member that we can call on. Some of us may feel like we don’t have anyone we can talk to at all.

I have lots of wonderful family and friends. I am blessed to know that there are plenty of people that I can call upon.  But they may not always be available at every second of every day. Fortunately you, I, and everyone else have someone who we can talk to at any point in time.  We can always to talk to God. We don’t have to come up with some kind of elaborate prayer or chant. Our Heavenly Father is there to listen whenever we need Him.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like a two-way conversation does it? A lot of times when we talk to God it feels like we’re speaking into the air and waiting for a response, only to get…silence. God does speak to us, first and foremost through the Bible. That’s why it’s important to read it everyday. Sometimes when you’re feeling some kind of way, a verse might spring to your mind to help you out – but only if you’ve read or heard the verse before.

God also talks to us through the Holy Spirit. We may feel like  this is our conscience or a “tug.” Now this doesn’t mean listen to voices in your head – if that’s the case you might want to talk to a mental health professional.

Sometimes God may just listen, giving us just what we  need.

When I talk to God I don’t always expect to hear something back immediately. I just try to go to God in acknowledgement of His role as the Lord of my life. I believe that God wants us to come to Him with all of our problems, whether big or small. If He is the Creator of the universe and Master of all, would I really be better off stewing in my head or seeking the advice of a fellow imperfect human being without giving any acknowledgement to God?

Psalm 55:22 says “cast your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you…” while 1 Peter 5:7 says “cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”

You don’t have to be perfect to talk to God. You don’t have to be a Christian to talk to God.  You might not even be sure that God exists. Either way He still loves you.  He wants to hear from you, and He wants to develop a personal relationship with you. Cast your cares and anxieties upon Him. Let Him take the weight. Talk to Him. There’s no better confidant.


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