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Meet the Free Press

May 19, 2013

The Obama Administration has come under fire after news broke that the Justice Department secretly took phone records from the Associated Press during an investigation on government leaks.

Much can be said about the hazards of corporate-owned media, the non-coverage of some stories and the over-coverage of others, and the white-washing of television hosts (this is CNN). But the fact that the Executive Branch of the Federal Government is on the defensive against the press makes me proud and happy to live in America. By no means is our system perfect or even socially just all of the time, but there are countries in which the press can’t challenge the government. There are countries in which a government raid on the press doesn’t hinder the leader’s political agenda in any way. In the U.S. people (read: the press) is positing that this incident could have a serious detrimental impact on the president’s ability to get things done in his second term.

There’s a lot that needs fixing in government and journalism, but today, I’m glad to know that the media has the power to check the Federal Government.


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